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List of Topics, Events and People in Video Library

Bill Moyers Journal NOW Maxine Hong Kingston
Click Here if Video Fails to Load Camille Paglia article link to Hillary Clinton video

Rush Limbaugh Stop the Tape: She's Lying: Hillary '07 vs. Hillary '03
If not a Rush Limbaugh 24/7 Member, Click Here for audio, photo and link to video

Internet Archive - Hillary Clinton

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and the Unreasonable Women for Peace

Code Pink for Peace and the Unreasonable Women for the Earth Arrest in front of White House - International Women's Day May 8, 2003

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton's views on going to war, Saddam, & WMD

Digital Journal Article by Charles W. Kim

Code Pink Cindy Sheehan Fonda Iraq Anti War Rally by Pansy4Peace

Betty Biodiesel

Dykes on Slides - Summertime Dykes

Dykes on Slides - Ladies Night Dykes

San Francisco Dyke March 2008

Jen's Green Journal

Kitty Rose hoplandcowgirl You Tube Channel

Mentioned for her Ecology and Peace video work on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, written about in books by Alice Walker, Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, Susan Griffin, Terry Tempest Williams, Maxine Hong Kingston and others. Mentioned in Yes!, Utne and other magazines. Mentioned in articles in the Wall Street Journal, San Fransisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Indymedia, Cleveland Leader, JamaicaLive, Video Activist Network, Action Hero Network, GreenYes Archives and in other newspapers and websites.

Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman
March 10, 2003

The New York City Independent Media Center

Stop the next war now: effective responses to violence and terrorism by Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans

How far is America from here? by International American Studies Association

The Fifth Book of Peace by Maxine Hong Kingston

List of People on Video

- Alice Walker
- Amy Goodman
- Angela Davis
- Carolyne W. Casey
- Catherine Austin Fitts
- Cynthia McKinney
- Dave Henson
- Helen Caldicott
- Hillary Clinton
- Houston Smith
- Janeane Garofalo
- Jim Hightower
- Jodie Evans
- Julia Butterfly Hill
- Kitty Rose - Katharine Cole
- Maxine Hong Kingston
- Medea Benjamin
- Michelle Shocked
- Nina Utne
- Peter Camejo
- Rachel Bagby
- Ralph Nader
- Richard Heinberg
- Starhawk
- Susan Griffin
- Terry Tempest Williams
- Thich Nhat Hanh
- Van Jones
- Wes Nisker

And Many More...

List of Events on Video

Ecology Events

-- Ecopalooza -- Bioneers
-- Green Festivals
-- Sol Fest at Real Goods
-- Treesits in Humbolt County
-- David Brower Youth Awards
-- Food Not Bombs Benefit
-- Gaia Song Festival
-- KPFA Crafts Fair

LGBT Human Pride Events

-- San Francisco's Dyke Marches
-- San Francisco's Pride Parades
-- Hopland Women's Festivals
-- East Bay Pride

Peace Rallys - Bay Area & Washington DC

-- War Protests and Demonstrations in Bay Area
-- Women Against War -- Bohemian Grove Action
-- Code Pink 4 Peace Vigils, Rallys, Marches, and     Gatherings
-- Code Pink Arrest in Washington DC
    w/ Alice Walker, Amy Goodman, Medea Benjamin,     and others
-- Oakland Docks Anti War Rally

Additional footage

-- New College of California Weekend BA Progam

- And More...