I specialize in working w/ Ecological & Sustainable Businesses, Non Profit Organizations, Events,
Groups, Tribes, Families & Individuals

I offer the following services at negotiable and fair rates, including cash & barter:

Ecology Developer
Proponent of Deep Ecology, Ancient & Primitive Practices of Sustainable Living
*Permaculturist, Gardener, Groundskeeper & Landscaper
*Organic, Permaculture, Biointensive, BioDiversity & Biodynamics
*Edible, Medicinal & Native Plants

Ecology Event Producer, Co-Producer, Coordinator, Promoter,
Facilitator, Host, Assistant and Zero Waste Manager

Animal and Home Care Provider
*Provide Care for an Extensive Variety of Domestic/Farm, Zoo and Wild Animals
*Eco Conscious Home, Ranch, Yard & Garden Care

Home and Office Ecological Consultant
*Ecological, Effective and Efficient Solutions for Your Home and/or Office

Published Multimedia Documentarian
*Producer, Photographer, Videographer, Web Developer