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Unreasonable Women for the Earth

Listen Hillary Protest Action Article March 6, 2003
Hillary gets Pink Slipped at her meeting with Code Pink

Rush Limbaugh Stop the Tape: She's Lying: Hillary '07 vs. Hillary '03

Baring Witness

Circle of Life Foundation and Julia Butterfly Hill

Betty Biodiesel - Lindsay Hassett
Biofuels 4 Schools

Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley, CA

Lawrence Hall of Science - Science View CD-ROM

The History of the Grateful Dead
by William Ruhlmann. Over 80 photos including front page, inside cover, title page, introduction, chapter pages and conclusion page.
Kirsten Maturevitz/Kirsten Michel

Giving Our Best

Target This!

Travels with Wilbur

Tribute to Van Gogh

Winter Solstice

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List of additional 35mm and Digital Photo Subjects

- Grateful Dead 1984-1995
- Bay Area Music Events and Gatherings 1989-2009
- San Francisco's Chinese New Years Parades
- San Francisco's Pride Parades 1993 -2009
- San Francisco's Dyke Marches 1993-2009
- Hopland Women's Festivals - 1999-2004
- Russian River Women's Weekends in Guerneville
- East Bay/Oakland Pride
- Festival of Babes Women's Soccer

-- Journeys and Travels - US, Canada, Mexico,     Spain, Portugal

-- Golden Retrievers, Cats and additional Animal     Companions

-- Nature, Ecology, Animals, People, Events and my
    journey in Life

And More...