Independent Study Project Learning Contract and Proposal

Requirements:   Submit a "learning contract" (in the back of the handbook) or a basic proposal like the senior thesis but shorter (1-3 pages). Each unit is equal to 40 hours. This work is for 3 credits, therefore I've worked on it for a total of 120 hours. I have worked on this project from January 2004 - April 2004, a total of 4 months and therefore 30 hours per month.

Description:   This Independent Study Project involves my skills and creative talents as a web developer. I will redevelop, modify, and maintain two websites. As a part of this work, I will provide assistance to the Co-Producer of the Hopland Women's Festival. The websites are: - Bioneer Productions - Hopland Women's Festival

Objective/Goals:    I will continue the ongoing creation and maintainence of the above mentioned websites.

~The work on my website,, will involve redeveloping and redesigning the site in order to reflect my current work/projects/creations/homework/etc.

~The work on the Hopland Women's Festival site will include working as Assistant Producer and Web Developer for Co-Producer Jody Cole to update and maintain the site to reflect this year's events.

Intention:    To utilize and enhance my skills and creative abilities as a Web Developer / Videographer / Photographer / Creative Consultant and Graphic Designer for my own website and for the Hopland Women's Festival. I will be learning more about the process of web development, design, videography/photography (and uploading these mediums online), and business/interpersonal communications skills while working with the organizers of the Hopland Women's Festival. I will also be learning all I can about the various subjects and topics that are integral in each area.

Resources:    I will mostly be using computer equipment at home and at Jody's office in Ukiah. I will also be using a miniDV camcorder for digital video and still image recording and production. I will go to the Hopland Women's Festival office (in Ukiah) on occassion and email/phone Jody when necessary. In addition, I will be maintaining social contact and attending social gatherings with many of the people involved with the Hopland Women's Festival and other organizations listed on my website. Some of my work may involve research, lectures, events, workshops, and additional field work.

Documentation:    I will be recording all of the work on my homepage - and at

Evaluation:    I will evaluate my work by writing a brief summary on my work and publishing it online. The address of this site will be and will be accessible, upon completion, through this site.