Negatives/slides/digital images/mini DVs/written/web/illustrations

Publications online/television/radio as well as in Library of Congress, Berkeley California Library, Skaneateles New York Library, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Library

Ecology, Eco Sustainable & Green Living Sustainable SMA - Sustentable SMA - Sustainable Living in Community of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - mulitmedia

Living in Harmony with Nature - Respecting, Nurturing & Sustaining Nature - Everything is Compost - photo book/e-book/multimedia - have written/photos/digital images/mini DVs

Devolution of Human Unkind - how the current global crises are necessary process of enlightenment and balance Awakening and Returning to Simple Sustainable Ancient Ways of Being, Earth Based - Home - Eco - Respect, Care & Harmony for Mother/Father Earth/Sky Doc/video of me talking w/others about the "end of the world times"

Sacred Spiritual Service of Sustainability & Shamanism - Nature/Ecology - photo book/e-book/multimedia - have negatives/slides/written/ digital images/mini DVs

Multimedia Documentation and Production for Ecologically Sustainable Organizations - photo book/e-book/multimedia have written/digital images/mini DVs

Bioneers & Bioneers SMA - photo book/e-book/multimedia - have images/mini DVs/writen and online

Unreasonable Women for the Earth & Code Pink for Peace - photo book/e-book/multimedia - photo/digital images/mini DV/written - Trademark Unreasonable Women for the Earth &, Facebook pages and direct connection to people involved.

Twelve Steps for breaking addiction to Modern Technology for the sake of Ecology - Deep Ecology


Travels with Golden Retrievers - Travels with Goldens photo book/e-book/multimedia - negatives/slides/photos/digital images/mini DVs(video) - have overview, synopsis proposal, working titles, samples, Facebook page, author - (inspired by John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley but in a photo book and multimedia format

Amigas de Animales, Amigas de Animales SMA, Animales SMA, 4 Animales, We R Animales, Animal Map, Animales SMA - Respect, Protection and Compasstionate Care for All Animals - online/facebook

Publications in Atencion Newspaper in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Spiritual Practice

Integrated Spiritual Practice and Visionary Alchemy Visionary Alchemist & Shamanism - photo book/e-book/multimedia - have written, illustrations -

Universalist Unitarian Shamanism in Modern Life - photo book/e-book/multimedia have written/photos/digital images/illustrations

Psychology, Spirituality, Shamanism & Prophets - We used to be "Prophets, now we are Psychiatric Patients"

Multiple Diagnosis Recovery - Labeled Disabled - Psychiatric Patients & Prophets - The Importance of Madness and other musings about Modern Day Shamanism photo book/e-book/multimedia/web written/journals/ illustrations/photos/mini DVs

San Francisco LGBT Life & Events

James C. Hormel Collection Archives- San Francisco Library - multimedia

Bay Area LGBT Pride - photo book/e-book/multimedia - have negatives/slides/photos/digital images/mini DVs 1992-2009 Donated photo collection to James Hormel Collection at San Francisco Library, San Francisco, CA and still have connections to LGBT community in SF Bay Area.

Hopland Women's Festival - photo book/e-book/multimedia have photos/digital images/mini DV(videos) 1999-2004 LGBT

LGBTS SMA Orgullo Humano SMA Human Pride SMA - multimedia

Colectivo 41 in San Miguel de Allende - multimedia

Culture & Travels

San Francisco Bay Area Events - photo book/e-book/multi-media - have negatives/slides/photos/digital 1989-2009

San Francisco Chinese New Years Parade - photo book/e-book/multimedia - negatives/slides/photos

Mexican Bicentennial, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX Independence of Mexico 1810-1910-2010 - photo book/e-book/multimedia - digital photo images and calendar sample

My Travels - United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain & Portugal have negatives/slides/photos/digital images/mini DVs


Grateful Dead - photo book/e-book/multimedia - have negatives/slides/photos/digital images 1984-1995 - have overview, synopsis, proposal, working titles, written content (authors), samples. Donated photograph collection to Grateful Dead Archives at University of California, Santa Cruz - McHenry Library. Still in contact with Grateful Dead, Dead, Furthur Framily.

Bill Graham Presents - BGP - BGP Framily - It's Not Just a Job, It's a Way of Life - photo book/e-book/multimedia photo/digital images/written/archives/memorabilia/video footage & working titles, author - have connections to BGP former employees, staff and Framily. Could be documentary movie (Brian Auger and Bill Graham Archives in SF Bay Area)

Grateful Dead Archives - multimedia

Dead Studies - online academic journal produced by Grateful Dead Archives

Autobiographic - Kirsten Michel - Family, friends and images from my life (4 generations of multimedia content - negatives, photos, slides, reel tape, 8mm, Mini DVs, CD, DVD, etc)