This top one, "Question Those Who Don't" speaks for itself.

This is intended as "You Are. So...Use Less." Some people may read it, at first as "You are so useless."
Please be aware that it is not intended to be perceived that way. The intended message is that in a world where consumerism often prevails as a substitute for True Spirituality As Way of Life, be reminded that "YOU ARE"...similiar to "I AM"
and related to "Being"...YOU ARE!!
Within the Security of Being, you can be reassured that you can USE LESS...consume less...similar to "the more you know, the less you need". Many times we, as individuals and as a culture, can get caught up in the illusion that
"consuming, possessing and the like = security".
Not true.

True Security Rests in Self Awareness, Social Consciousness, and Being Proactive in Creating a Sustainable Natural Environment in Which We Can All Live Harmoniously.

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